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One of my latest creative ventures is Rivals. Formed together with Gabriel Herrera, Jonathan Do, Geff Herrera, and Camie Manayon, Rivals is a project we founded as a platform to share the things we are passionate about.

One of our current endeavors is the Rivals Radio Podcast, which we stream live weekly and is featured on Itunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook. Here we discuss current trending topics, passions, as well as pick each other's brains on our thoughts and feelings, being Millenials in our 

We strive to create thought provoking content as well as maintain a place where we can talk freely about our interests.

Check out some of our latest uploads below. 

In this latest episode, we discuss our feelings and thoughts about the US' current stance on immigration, and reflect on our families experiences as children of first generation immigrants.

In this snippet from Episode 18, we air our thoughts on Adele's on her win and speech at the Grammy Awards

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