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Directed By: Trystan Cruise and Vianca Vega

Editing & Storyboarding By: Trystan Cruise

Director of Photography: Don Gutierrez


STARRING: Vianca Vega & Nicholas Golden

Assistant Director: Mercedes Mendez

1st AC: Stella Royo

2nd AC: Tiffany Zhao

Gaffer: Victoria De Luna

Executive Producer: Vianca Vega

Collaborating Producer in Association with @aecostudios

Producer: Jonathan Jeng

Vocals and Synth: Vianca Vega

Guitar: Brian Collado

Drums: Rickey Gonzalez

Bass: Esteban Jofre

MAKEUP AND HAIR: Jaime Hernandez

FILMING LOCATION: Gymnopedie in Brooklyn, NY

Producer, Lyrics, Vocals, Keys, Bass: Vianca Vega

Co-Producer and Guitars: Brian Collado

Drums: Kellii Scott Drums

Recorded at Akira Audio by Gabe Van Guitars 

Bass and Vocal recorded at Livingrooms NYC by Robert Norris

Mixing and Co-Producer: Christopher Gooden

Mastering: Alex Poeppel


SPECIAL THANKS: Andrew Hoepfner

Murota Yamaguchi

Esmé Eldridge

Pilatos Staff

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