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FromKora Merch

At Kora, we are constantly thinking of ways to explore the richness of Filipino culture. After spending some time away from the kitchen to focus on more projects to share with our community and the world, we are proud to present our official merchandise shop.

Inspired by our Filipino heritage, made to fit the active New York lifestyle. Our first collection comprises of daily items that celebrate Kora’s first year of operation and embody a local Queens attitude. High-quality tees that proudly showcase the design and elements of our Ube and Sans Rival doughnuts. A sturdy and spacious tote bag perfect for picking up a stack of our Sari-Sari boxes or as your new favorite catch-all for your essentials. And finally, a duo of baseball caps that pay homage to chef & co-founder Kimberly’s grandmother, Corazon, whose spirit and heirloom recipes inspire everything we do.

Directed by Kimberly Camara
Edited by Kenneth Camara
Cinematography by Don Gutierrez

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